The act of gift giving is something has always been a part of the human tradition. Wherever you are in the world, no matter your nationality or your culture, people feel good when they give gifts and when they receive gifts. If you are the manager of a team of hardworking employees, you probably know by now that giving gifts to your team members is one of the best ways for you to show your appreciation for the work that they put in.

One of the many concerns that people have about gift giving is that it is sometimes difficult to find something that the recipient will truly appreciate. If you have ran out of ideas for gifts to give to your employees on their birthdays, anniversaries, or simply for a job well done, here are some gift-giving tips that you can follow:

1.) Gift hampers

Gift hampers or gift baskets are some of the most fantastic presents that you can give to your employees especially if you are not sure about the things that they are truly interested in. You can put in a number of different items in the hamper to make sure that there is at least one item in there that the recipient will love. It is considered as a universal gift because these hampers contain diverse items that are suitable for men and women of different ages.

When you purchase gift hampers you also have the freedom of selecting which items will go into it. If you know that the recipient is into cooking, you can choose to include different kitchen items or food ingredients. If the recipient is into sports, you can include a number of memorabilia from his favorite sports team. You can personalize and customize the gift hamper so that the recipient will feel even more loved and appreciated. So whether it is Christmas, or your employee’s birthday, or his anniversary in your company, or even if it is just to show how much you appreciate his work, gift hampers are always great to give to people that you value most.

2.) Chocolate gifts

There are probably very few people in the world that does not love a delicious, rich and sinful piece of chocolate. Chocolate makes anybody happy, especially if you are giving it to someone with a sweet tooth. If you are giving chocolate gifts to your employees on special occasions, you can try to be more creative by having the name of the recipient carved onto the chocolate. You can also go to your nearby candy store, fill a bag of chocolate goodies, tie it up in a colorful ribbon, and attach a lovely little card bearing your personal message.

3.) Personalized gifts

Giving a gift that bears the recipient’s name automatically makes it more meaningful. Engrave that pen, keychain, or paperweight with your employee’s name and your company’s logo on it. Attach a card with a message that is well thought of and you will have an employee who will appreciate you as his manager and who will work even harder for your company.